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Buying and selling

Shop cashier

At the shop you can buy and sell everything your crew needs to be strong and healthy. For the most part you just want to buy food and water, and maybe sell of some barter goods. There are some goods that have no use but trading.

The market is a bit different... here you will get an offer, that is almost always cheaper than the shop. But you cannot control how much of it you want, and if you cannot afford it; it will be a deal breaker. It's a good idea to visit sometimes, buy some barter goods and sell it of at the store the moment after.

Food and water

You and your crew will need both food and water for traveling at sea. A half carton of food and a whole barrel of water for every crew member, including yourself, per week. You and your crew won't die however, but they will refuse to travel any longer. When this happens, you need to land your ship at the closest harbor and buy more at the shop.

Tobacco and rum

You won't need these, but it can come handy. Tobacco will raise your crew mood by 1 and rum will raise it by 3. You can give your crew these products by clicking in the inventory, choose which users to please, and choose which product to use, and click "Do it!".

The shop


The same way you can give your crew members tobacco and rum, you can also give them medicine. This will restore their health to 100 % and it can be used everywhere. There is a healer at the market, who is cheaper than using medicine, but you aren't always at a town. Besides, you will loot medicine from enemy ships anyway.

Barter goods

This includes porcelain, spices and silk. You don't have any use of these goods, but you will loot a lot of these at sea. You can them sell them at the shop and make money that way.


If you lose in battle, and only have one ship you would have to swim to land with nothing at all (if you don't have any rafts). If you don't have any money at your bank account you will have to take a loan, or maybe reset the game and start over. Not fun at all!

The second reason is that you will only lose part of your goods when loosing, if you have more than one ship. If you have three ships, you will lose one third of your goods. They will still take all your money though...

The third reason is that a ship can only hold so many crew members, cannons and load. If you want to get more money, higher titles, you will need more crew members and cannons. This is not possible with one ship.

When you start out as a pirate, you will only be able to own three ships. But as your rank get higher, you will be able to own 15 ships.

Different ship types

Type Min crew Max crew Max cannons Max load
Brig 2 20 10 500 cartons
Merchantman 1 10 0 1000 cartons
Galleon 4 50 25 300 cartons
Frigate 8 100 50 600 cartons


Cannons are needed for battles at sea. It's the amount of cannons that controls if you win or lose, and also how powerful ships you will meet. You will need two crew members to control one cannon, which means that if you have 20 cannons, and 30 crew members, you will still only be able to use 15 of them.


Rafts are used to save your life when you lose and only had one ship. One raft can save 10 crew members.

Crew members

Purpose of crew members

The only real reason to have crew members is so that they can fight battles with you. To fire a cannon, you'll need two crew members.

They demands things in return for their services. They become less happy when they do boring stuff, like working, losing battles and traveling the great Caribbean Sea. When they are angry they will refuse to work / fight for you.

In order to fix this you have to please them, with food and drinks. You can visit the tavern and buy them some wine perhaps, or give them rum from your goods if you have any.

You are also responsible for their health. If they lose to much health they will die in battle. You can give them medicine after battles, or visit the towns healer when you are in land again.

The crew

Getting more crew members

When you win battles at sea some of their crew will offer to join you. You can then choose how many of them you want to accept. The other method is to visit the tavern and speak to the sailors there, they often want to offer their services for free. You could also visit the slave market, but it's expansive!

Get to know them

If you check your inventory you will get unnecessary amounts of information about your crew. All of them are separate beings, with their own name and description. You can also see for how long they have been with you, how much money they have gained of being your crew.

Social status


This game takes place at the Spanish Main, in the Caribbean Sea at the 1600th. There are four nations, battling over the towns. English, French, Spanish and Dutch.



The level system in this game is pretty simple. You belong to a nation, and for every ship you win over from that nations enemy will raise your level by 1. And if you fight your own nations ships it will be lowered by the same amount. Winning over neutral ships doesn't change your level, but it still meaningful to loot some gold from them.


Levels doesn't do anything by itself, but you will be judged by the nations governor (At the City Hall) by it. You will get promoted if you are doing a good job. You will then get a reward, and higher titles will let you own more ships, which in turn give access to more crew members, cannons and being able to load more goods. Some would say that the main goal of this game (if you need any) is to reach the highest title.

The different titles

Level Title Reward Max ships
0-9 Pirate No reward 3
10-19 Ensign 1000 dbl 5
20-29 Captain 2500 dbl 6
30-39 Major 4000 dbl 7
40-49 Colonel 6000 dbl 8
50-64 Admiral 8000 dbl 10
65-79 Baron 10 000 dbl 11
80-99 Count 15 000 dbl 12
100-119 Marquis 20 000 dbl 13
120+ Duke 35 000 dbl 15

Changing nation

If you are not pleased by your nation you can actually change it. You do this by attacking the enemy of the nation you want to be a citizen of. So if you want to be English, attack a lot of French ships! When you have won over more French ships than over English ships you can buy yourself a citizenship. The title you receive depends on your level (which depends on how many more French ships than English ships you have destroyed).

Just to make things clear: If you are a Spanish citizen and have attacked 50 French ships even though this isn't your enemy, and you have not attacked any English ships, you will be an english Admiral at once when you buy yourself an english citizenship.


Getting some doubloons

The currency in this game is doubloons (dbl), for which you can buy and sell almost anything. You will mostly get money from looting ships at sea, but you can also sell your goods, gamble for it, fight at the bar or just old plain working.

Saving money

The bank

There is a banking system in this game. When you lose a battle at sea, you will lose all your doubloons, no matter how many ships you've got. It would be impossible to achieve anything if you couldn't save it in a safe place.

You have a bank account that you can put your money into and out of no matter which nation you are in. If you put in 100 dbl in Panama, you can take it out in Port Royale without any trouble.

It's recommended to only have cash when you are in a town, for buying and selling. Before you leave, you should put the rest in your account. There is however a small tax of 5 %. If you put in 100 dbl, you can only get 95 dbl back.


You can also take a loan if the game are tough on you. You have to pay a rent of 15 % if you do so, and you cannot loan more than 11 500 dbl. The usual reason to take a loan is when you haven't saved anything in your account and loses a fight at sea.


Towns and nations

All existing towns actually existed in the 1600th. The towns nationality varied from year to year though.

English towns
  • Charles Towne
  • Barbados
  • Port Royale
  • Belize
French towns
  • Tortuga
  • Leogane
  • Martinique
  • Biloxi
Spanish towns
  • Panama
  • Havana
  • Villa Hermosa
  • San Juan
Dutch towns
  • Bonaire
  • Curacao
  • St. Martin
  • St. Eustatius
Spanish main

You can visit which of these you want, no matter which nationality you belongs to.


Time is measured in weeks in Lost Seas. The time won't go by itself, but depends on your activity in the game. A week will pass when you travel from a town to the Caribbean Sea, and when you are working.

It's primarily a method of seeing how active a player is, and to separate the logs in a logical way.

Battles at sea

You will find ships from England, France, Spain and Holland. You will also find some pirates, these will always attack you. Your enemies will probably attack you too, and you can always choose to flee. This can fail sometimes, and the procedure will be the same as an ordinary attack. So you can lose. You will find more English ships around English towns, so if you want to get a higher level, travel to your enemies coasts.

Ship meeting

I would suggest that you don't attack ships that have more cannons than you have. The is a random factor here, so you can win if the gap isn't to big. But it's really risky! It's the amount of functional cannons that decides if you will lose or not.

The fights aren't interactive yet, so you will directly see if you won or lost. You will get a report on how much you won or lost during the battle. And if you win, you will be able to chose how much you want to loot from the other ship.

Ship win

Trading at sea

When you meet ships from your own nation, you can trade with them. You will trade away your barter goods that you don't have any use for, for food and water, which make it possible to travel for a longer period of time.

Depending on how much food and water you are choosing to take, you pay this of with porcelain, spices and silk first, because you cannot use this for anything but trading anyway. If that's not enough, you will also trade away medicine, tobacco and rum which could be used to please your crew instead.


You can compare your own success with others, by clicking "Players" in the top menu. The information you can see about others are pretty much the same as you can see about yourself in your inventory.