Lost Seas

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You are free to use the information and graphics as you like. I've actually stolen a large portion of the graphics from other sites, without asking. This will change in the future when the game is getting more visitors. For now, many things are happening and I don't want to focus on the little things.

If I've stolen something from you, I'm sorry. Just tell me and I will replace the item as fast as I can.

There isn't very much of value that you can steal from my site so go ahead. The valuable part is the code behind the scenes of which you cannot access.

I'm sure there are bugs in the game and security holes that hasn't been detected yet. It's fine if you decide to test this game and see how lazy I've been. I actually consider this helpful if you tell me afterwards. But of course it's not OK to damage the system if you could. This is against the law. Duh.