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Guide: Ships

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The need for ships


If you lose in battle, and only have one ship you would have to swim to land with nothing at all (if you don't have any rafts). If you don't have any money at your bank account you will have to take a loan, or maybe reset the game and start over. Not fun at all!

The second reason is that you will only lose part of your goods when loosing, if you have more than one ship. If you have three ships, you will lose one third of your goods. They will still take all your money though...

The third reason is that a ship can only hold so many crew members, cannons and load. If you want to get more money, higher titles, you will need more crew members and cannons. This is not possible with one ship.

When you start out as a pirate, you will only be able to own three ships. But as your rank get higher, you will be able to own 15 ships.

Different ship types

Type Min crew Max crew Max cannons Max load
Brig 2 20 10 500 cartons
Merchantman 1 10 0 1000 cartons
Galleon 4 50 25 300 cartons
Frigate 8 100 50 600 cartons


Cannons are needed for battles at sea. It's the amount of cannons that controls if you win or lose, and also how powerful ships you will meet. You will need two crew members to control one cannon, which means that if you have 20 cannons, and 30 crew members, you will still only be able to use 15 of them.


Rafts are used to save your life when you lose and only had one ship. One raft can save 10 crew members.