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This game takes place at the Spanish Main, in the Caribbean Sea at the 1600th. There are four nations, battling over the towns. English, French, Spanish and Dutch.



The level system in this game is pretty simple. You belong to a nation, and for every ship you win over from that nations enemy will raise your level by 1. And if you fight your own nations ships it will be lowered by the same amount. Winning over neutral ships doesn't change your level, but it still meaningful to loot some gold from them.


Levels doesn't do anything by itself, but you will be judged by the nations governor (At the City Hall) by it. You will get promoted if you are doing a good job. You will then get a reward, and higher titles will let you own more ships, which in turn give access to more crew members, cannons and being able to load more goods. Some would say that the main goal of this game (if you need any) is to reach the highest title.

The different titles

Level Title Reward Max ships
0-9 Pirate No reward 3
10-19 Ensign 1000 dbl 5
20-29 Captain 2500 dbl 6
30-39 Major 4000 dbl 7
40-49 Colonel 6000 dbl 8
50-64 Admiral 8000 dbl 10
65-79 Baron 10 000 dbl 11
80-99 Count 15 000 dbl 12
100-119 Marquis 20 000 dbl 13
120+ Duke 35 000 dbl 15

Changing nation

If you are not pleased by your nation you can actually change it. You do this by attacking the enemy of the nation you want to be a citizen of. So if you want to be English, attack a lot of French ships! When you have won over more French ships than over English ships you can buy yourself a citizenship. The title you receive depends on your level (which depends on how many more French ships than English ships you have destroyed).

Just to make things clear: If you are a Spanish citizen and have attacked 50 French ships even though this isn't your enemy, and you have not attacked any English ships, you will be an english Admiral at once when you buy yourself an english citizenship.