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Towns and nations

The english towns are: Charles Towne, Barbados, Port Royale and Belize.
The french towns are: Tortuga, Leogane, Martinique and Biloxi.
The spanish towns are: Panama, Havana, Villa Hermosa and San Juan.
The dutch towns are: Bonaire, Curacao, St. Martin and St. Eustatius.

All these towns actually existed in the 1600th. The towns nationality varied from year to year though.

Spanish main

You can visit which of these you want, no matter which nationality you belongs to. This can change in the future...


Time is measured in weeks in Lost Seas. The time won't go by itself, but depends on your activity in the game. A week will pass when you travel from a town to the Caribbean Sea, and when you are working.

It's primarily a method of seeing how active a player is, and to separate the logs in a logical way.

Battles at sea

You will find ships from England, France, Spain and Holland. You will also find some pirates, these will always attack you. Your enemies will probably attack you too, and you can always choose to flee. This can fail sometimes, and the procedure will be the same as an ordinary attack. So you can lose. You will find more English ships around English towns, so if you want to get a higher level, travel to your enemies coasts.


I would suggest that you don't attack ships that have more cannons than you have. The is a random factor here, so you can win if the gap isn't to big. But it's really risky! It's the amount of functional cannons that decides if you will lose or not.

The fights aren't interactive yet, so you will directly see if you won or lost. You will get a report on how much you won or lost during the battle. And if you win, you will be able to chose how much you want to loot from the other ship.


Trading at sea

When you meet ships from your own nation, you can trade with them. You will trade away your barter goods that you don't have any use for, for food and water, which make it possible to travel for a longer period of time.

Depending on how much food and water you are choosing to take, you pay this of with porcelain, spices and silk first, because you cannot use this for anything but trading anyway. If that's not enough, you will also trade away medicine, tobacco and rum which could be used to please your crew instead.