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7th January, 2011

  • Fixed a long lasting bug that often made the sliders at the shop, tavern, bank and such to not display. I also made the code for this better, so that it's faster and Opera didn't have any problem with it.
  • "Ignore" is now the first choice when you meet a ship from your own nation, instead of "Attack". When you meet enemy ships, it will say so.
  • You now see how many useful cannons you've got at the inventory. If you own 9 crew members, and every cannon needs 2 members to be useful, you will then get 4 useful cannons no matter how many cannons you actually got. It was boring to calculate this every time you wanted to attack a ship.
  • Fixed a bug at the tavern. When you bought food and drinks you only paid for yourself. Now you have to pay for the whole crew, which makes things a lot more expensive!
  • You can now find things at the market that is more expensive than in the store. Why? Before you didn't need to think about it, just click "Yes" and sell it of at the store. Now it is between 50-110% of the cost in the store.

5th January, 2011

  • New icons for bank account and bank loans in the inventory and bank.
  • Fixed some bugs here and there.

4th January, 2011

  • Your crew now gets 50 % of what you loot at sea or in tavern. Your share is not lowered though. Their loot is divided equally between them, so if you get 100 dbl and have 4 crew members, they will get 50 dbl, and 50/4=12 dbl each. No purpose with crew money yet, but it's a way to see who has been to most value to you.

3rd January, 2011

  • Rewrote the code for changing the crew members health. They can now be killed if their health is less than 1 %. Better code.
  • You now start of with 4 crew members instead of 2. You will need two crew per cannon to make it useful, so it seemed right. This made me double the amount of food and water you start with.

25th December, 2010

  • You can now see mood and health directly in the inventory! The icons will change dependent on your crew members lowest health and mood. I love it! :)
  • If you meet a ship at a harbor it's now 50% chance that he is from the same nation as the town it's close to. It was hard to find the right ships to fight.
  • Food and water is now really need to keep on traveling the ocean. 1 food carton per crew member and week, and 2 for water. You will see it go down live in the inventory while you exploring.
  • The governor no longer thanks "for the 0 enemy ships you sunken", instead he just encourage you to attack them. And he will not be pleased if you have sunken more ships from your own nation than your enemy. He won't do anything about it though, not getting promoted is bad enough.
  • The game now remembers what you choose in the crew inventory. The checked crew and action is saved so that you can just keep clicking to do it more times than once. Also, you won't see actions you cannot perform. Like "Give medicine" if you do not own any medicine boxes.
  • Fixed a bug that showed an empty page instead of the sailors wanting to join your crew.
  • You can now longer post empty guestbook or chat entries.

24th December, 2010

  • It's now possible to answer and erase guestbook entries. Was not that easy because I put the name of the poster instead of the ID. It's now fixed...

23rd December, 2010

  • The front page is remade! I put the login to the left, and made a separate page for registration. This made it possible to have a nice presentation at the front page. Also changed some icons and fixed a few bugs.
  • More beautiful icons at the shop and inventory pages.
  • Fixed a bug at the shop, tavern and shipyard that made it possible to sell more than you've got.
  • Did some web standardisation. The front page now validates as valid HTML5. The Javascript is cleaned up a bit too.
  • Apparently the game didn't register victories over ships, so the governor could not promote you. If you win a battle over a ship from Spain, you will now see this in the inventory.
  • Fixed some bugs at the market. The game didn't ban you from the goods or slaves if you didn't have any money. And the healer healed so great that she left you with less than zero dublones if you didn't have enough.
  • Added 6 new songs from Zelda - Wind Waker :) Now there is 23 songs total.

21st December, 2010

  • You will have to verify your account via email when you register a new account. I wanted to avoid this because visitors are lazy by nature - but It's not OK to register with someone else's email address. When you register you will be taken to the FAQ page that gives you more information about how to play.

20th December, 2010

  • You can now encounter ships when you travel from the Caribbean Sea to a harbor too. Fixed a lot of ocean related bugs.
  • There is now one chance in four that you do not succeed in fleeing from ship. The fight will then go on as an ordinary attack, which means that you could be killed anyway.

18th December, 2010

  • The crews mood will increase by 3 if they win a battle at sea!
  • Fixed some thing at the inventory, such as links to the bank from the money-page and more information about how to change things.
  • Fixed bugs in sea battle and checks that are made to being able to depart from land.