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17th December, 2010

  • Your crew now gets angrier for every week that passes at sea! If one or more of your crew is "angry" (mood less or equal -10) they will refuse to travel any longer. If your in a town, they won't leave it until they are pleased.
  • There are a number of things you can only do once per town visit. These were resetted when you leaved the town to the harbor before. Now they are resetted first when you reach the ocean.
  • I noticed that the new greeting system was buggy, for example when you took action somewhere, the greeting would be missing. I had to rethink how this would work which made me do more and more globally and with autoloading function instead of adding more code to each location/file. I think I deleted over 100 lines of code because of this :)

16th December, 2010

  • The log book now supports pagination, so that the page don't get that long anymore. Fixed some log book bugs.
  • You can now give your crew members tobacco and rum that you bought at the shop. Go to Inventory > Crew and check the members you want to make happier and choose "give tobacco" or "give rum".
  • Some descriptions about stuff you can buy at towns. Even some new nice looking icons for every grocery. :)
  • I was experimenting some with random greeting messages when you arrive at new places in the game. It's far from done, but It's on piece closer to a more "living", dynamic game. Take the shop for example, the merchant says different things every time, he even changes what he says depending on your age and gender!

15th December, 2010

  • This news page is now dynamic. Administrators (=me) can now add news from a form. This also means that pagination is possible... the page began to get kind of big.
  • Removed Log book from the top menu, but it's still available in the inventory. Didn't see why this part should take up such a big place. Also worked on the log book design a bit.
  • You can now see other players log books in Players > [User] > Log book. If you don't want to show others your log book your can deselect this feature in Settings > Account.

14th December, 2010

  • The HTML title now changes when you click on a link in the game. Due to AJAX calls, this did not update automatically before. Now you will see where you are in your browser title bar.
  • Moved all database functions to one place a la MVC, and renamed the database tables. This makes it very easy for me to rename them in the future if I need to. This will be necessary for the future when there will be a prod and test version of this game.

13th December, 2010

  • The guestbook is in place. You will get emailed if you receive a guestbook message, and you can control this behavior if you log in and click Settings > User. You will always get an icon in the inventory when you get new messages. You cannot delete messages yet...
  • You know those privacy settings that let you control what people see about you? Well, now they actually work :P
  • I made a clean up of the code that gets user info from the database, and the Players menu now uses much of it's code. This made it easier to add more info about players. You can now see number of ships, crew members, title and much more.

11th December, 2010

  • Finally! You can fight ships at sea! It has taken a lot of time to implement, and there are still much to do. More things will happen at sea very soon.
  • You can now reset the game if you go to Settings > Character. Check the checkbox and you can start over if you get stuck. Sometimes there is no turning back!
  • I separated the user info from the character info at the Player menu. I also made a link to a gustbook that's not implemented yet.

10th December, 2010

  • Fixed some stuff in the background. Like how Javascript handles errors. The experience is faster now than before. Some design bugs. Moved a lot of PHP code, more intuitive now.
  • The game only gets one AJAX calls when you change your location instead of two or three!
  • The places to the right only updates when necessary. Faster!
  • Fixed a bug at the chat. Now the last 30 rows are displayed, and nothing is erased from the database. Also, you cannot write HTML code in the chat anymore.

6th December, 2010

  • I've filled the page About > Ideas and made it possible to send in suggestions.
  • New icons for the Settings menu, and trimmed the code some.

3rd December, 2010

  • Dark Seas now works with no problem in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Safari does work, but audio won't. Internet Explorer 8 seems to have some trouble with some basic javascript functionality, doesn't play audio, and renders some design elements ugly. The warning page at the front page has been updated.
  • Life boats are replaced by rafts, and does show up at the inventory to the left.
  • You start with one raft when you register, and the price has dropped by 50 %. One raft will only save 10 crew members.
  • Some bugs were fixed at the shipyard.

2nd December, 2010

  • The authentication method has been rewritten because of security holes.
  • You can now unregister from Dark Seas!
  • Lots of bugs has been corrected about registration, login, settings and such.