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29th November, 2010

  • Wrote some questions and answers at the FAQ.
  • Made some basic code more efficient.
  • A warning at the start page if your don't use Firefox. This will change in the future though.
  • Still working on the sea battles. You CAN meet ships now, but you cannot do much more than ignore and flee.

26th November, 2010

  • The coast is replaced by the harbor. Seemed more correct.
  • You cannot access the dock from the menu, but you will still end up there if you land your ship at a town. There is nothing to do there, and I don't think there will be either...
  • This about page is now accessible for users who is not logged in.

24th November, 2010

  • There is a nice map to click on when you're at sea! I've changed some towns that you can access in the game. The map is from the year 1697 and is accurate. I'm not totally sure if Bonaire where owned by the Dutch at that year, but I think so. The map uses image map combined with javascript. Beautiful I think! :)
  • The text in the inventory has been replaced by icons. Looks kind of nice.

21st November, 2010

  • You can now buy and sell things at the shop in one step. No need for separate buy and sell pages.
  • You can buy medicine at the shop.
  • You can give your crew members medicine. Later you will be able to give them tobacco and rum also.

20th November, 2010

  • You can heal your men at the markets healer. If your crew is 60% healthy, she will only charge you for the 40%. When you'll give your crew medicine, they will always need a bottle each.
  • You can discard your crew members now. You just check the crew members you don't need anymore, choose 'Discard crew members' at the list at the bottom, and click 'Do it!'.

19th November, 2010

  • The chat function is back in bussiness! It looks really good I think, and works so much better than before. It updates every 20 seconds, or when you say something.

18th November, 2010

  • Removed the temple. I felt that gods, magic, mana and stuff didn't feel right in a game like this. I want this game to have a sense of reality, maybe more so than other pirate games. I still want players to be able to heal their crew, so I created a healer at the market, and the shop will sell medicine soon.
  • Created this About section of the page. I commented news in the chat before but there was not that much space. Now I can tell you more stuff that I'm doing.
  • Removed the chat to the right and replaced it with the towns location instead. It was annoying to have to reach this menu at bottom of every page. At sea this menu will only let you dock at the nearest town.
  • The chat will work again soon, but it will then open in a new window instead. Not everyone wants to chat, and it nice to have this in a separate window I think.
  • Fixed some bugs that made it possible to go to a towns location from the sea, and to change the town without leaving the town.

17th November, 2010

  • The city hall is done! I've implemented the title system. The governor will reward you if you fight their enemies. If the governor is not from your nation, he will offer you citizenship if your good. Once your a citizen, you will get promoted and get rewards.
  • You can work in the city hall and make money. One time per town visit. The downside of this is that your crew don't like working, so they get less happy.
  • You can leave your prisoners if you have any, in the city hall. You will get a random reward.

14th November, 2010

  • The market is done! You can browse for goods and slaves. The offer you receive will be random in quantity and price. Slaves will become your crew members. Only one visit per town visit!

13th November, 2010

  • The shipyard is done! I had to define which ship types that exists. You can now buy and sell them here. Also you can buy cannons and life boats. Ship repairing is implemented too.