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10th November, 2010

  • The bank is finished! You can put in or take out of your account, and loan money.
  • There is a lot of new nice looking icons in the game.
  • The streets are replaces by the dock. Seemed more logical. There's nothing to do in the streets anyways. It's just a place where you arrive when you land your ship.
  • Hospital is removed, some of it's functions are transfered to Temple instead.

28th October, 2010

  • You can now buy food and drinks at the tavern. It will make your crew happier!
  • You can gamble in the tavern! Better chance than reality, but you will still probably loose :P
  • You can talk to the sailors at the tavern. Sometimes they will attack you, but mostly they might want to join your crew.

24th October, 2010

  • A chat is now implemented and is opened in a new window.
  • A log book is now recording your every move in this game, so that you can go back in time and see what has been done.